Swift Dictation.app

The missing frontend for OS X Dictation

Swift Dictation

OS X 10.8 comes with Dictation. However, it does not work well in a multilingual environment because it can only set one language. Then OS X 10.9 comes out with the support of multiple dictation languages, but you still cannot switch between different languages on keyboard easily. In iOS, the dictation language is always synchronized with your keyboard language. So, why don’t we bring the iOS feature to OS X? Here is the solution, a status bar application called Swift Dictation.

Dictation Language goes with Input Method Language

Input Method <=> Dictation

It is simple. The small application just watches for changes of input methods then switches the dictation languages on the fly.

User Guide

  1. Enable OS X Dictaton in System Preferences.
  2. Install this application and make it open at login.
  3. Set the accents that you prefer.
  4. Done! The dictation language is going with your input method now.

Download Swift Dictation
Checkout the source